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Blades and Triggers is famous for the latest self defense weapons that they sell in stores as well as online.

How We Worked With Blades and Triggers

They approached us to assist them in setting up a WooCommerce platform so that they can flourish their business in the online sphere. They also required assistance in managing their digital marketing. 

We carefully planned a digital business management strategy which enables them to dominate their market and is centered around their ideal buyer’s persona. Our proven digital marketing results showed humongous improvement in website visits, social media engagements, YouTube views and more online sales than ever.

Our team of WordPress developers developed plugins from scratch and integrated it with exceptional customization. The custom Ui/Ux design offers a persuasive & unique user experience. It helped drive the desired user behavior across all devices. Our no-fuss approach to web development removed bloated excess and created a fast-loading site.  

We produced videos for their YT channel and optimized it for the best possible results. Our POSly, Point-of-Sales software is customized according to their business needs and is being used at all of their 12 stores. Our dedicated team is also managing Blades and Triggers’ Takealot business profile and helping them with sales & outreach. 

With all of our services, we were able to see drastically improving results in sales, website traffic, customer experience, cybersecurity and ROI. Through our services, we not only kept their brand profile consistent and cohesive we also improved it to keep them at the top among their competitors. 

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of surveyed customers declared that they had purchased a Bender product.

These results validate that Qreate’s sampling solution has been successful for Bender, with high levels of customer satisfaction and declared conversion rates.

Campaign Results

Across the various markets, Bender Project was the most popular product with 38% of all samples distributed. This was followed by Bender Crate(32%), and Bender Glaze (31% ).
Bender Project


Bender Crate


Bender Glaze


Customer Feedback



of customers rated the device as excellent, illustrating the popularity of the Qreate sampling product with consumers.



of customers rated the device as excellent, illustrating the popularity of the Qreate sampling product with consumers.

Quotes From Our Customers

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Martha Janett, CEO at Bender

We Deliver Intuitive User Experience

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